The Australian Producers FORUM: Product for, & method of, Sale.

This FARMERS/PRODUCERS FORUM will contain posts from ONLY those PRODUCERS OF PRIMARY PRODUCE in Australia, who have been approved BY US, to write in this forum. We wish to limit posts in this forum to solely PRIMARY PRODUCTS AVAILABLE TO AUSTRALIAN CONSUMERS IN AUSTRALIA. We are unable to guarantee that all USERS approved to write in this forum are legitimate. If we find a non-legitimate user purporting to be a producer, we will restrict access; BAN THAT USER. Please report any suspicions by email to this Bulletin Board's founder. We will not be able to restrict access simply on the basis of complaint, but we will be put on notice to investigate. For instance, we will NOT knowingly be approving 'farmers' from Nigerian IPs. Complaints could conceivably be illegitimate. HENCE, ALL USERS ARE URGED TO USE SECURE METHODS OF PAYMENT. THERE ARE MANY ROGUES ON THE INTERNET. We will also attempt to keep record of any erroneous or fictional orders, or malignant complaints.

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