NEW Australian Online Farmers Market: FREE Advertising

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NEW Australian Online Farmers Market: FREE Advertising

Postby russellm » Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:04 am

NEW Australian Online Farmers Market: FREE Advertising.

We expect that this Marketing Initiative to be extremely successful due to our HIGH GOOGLE YAHOO RANKINGS see /. I expect All PRIMARY PRODUCERS will appreciate seeing this message as soon as possible. I think many will be most upset with any friends who see this but do not realize its significance and pass it on to them.

We are just now launching our NEW Ultimate Farmers Market. see viewforum.php?f=8 /. Two of those FORUMS are specialty forums so that only approved USERS can write in them. They are the Australian Producers Forum [ see viewforum.php?f=10 ] and the The Australian Carriers/Transporters Forum [see viewforum.php?f=11 ]. You may wish to advertise your Australian Production to the Australian consumers by advertising in that Australian Producers Forum. At present that is FREE. If we begin to charge for advertising in the future, we will give you your advertisements as it is [they are], size wise but updated as you wish, FREE for 12 months from the date we begin charging for that type of advertisement/s. OF COURSE, that is only if we begin charging, and applying the Google model, I think that is unlikely.

So that garbage is not posted into the Carriers Forum or the Producers Forum, we restrict availability of posting in that forum to APPROVED CARRIERS and PRODUCERS respectively. IF YOU WISH to advertise in the Australian Producers Forum, we will approve your status, if you can satisfy us that your are a producer. Membership of either the Queensland Farmers' Federation or the National Farmers' Federation will automatically qualify you. If you wish to advertise, we will explain the process below.

What you may find particularly beneficial is to contact AUSTRALIAN CARRIERS as they post their AVAILABILITY of TRANSPORTATION, so that you can offer them a 'deal' so they will promote your PRODUCE, in THEIR CARRIER TOPIC, and vice versa. You and they can do this by including hyper-links between your advertisements.

We believe this is a marvellous opportunity to give the benefit of NEW TECHNOLOGY to the Australian consumer, and the Australian FRESH FOOD PRODUCER. We are in Australia and are launching this site in Australia but intend to go GLOBAL see
index.php /.

You will first need to register as a USER: go to
ucp.php?mode=register /. Once registered you will need to be approved as a PRODUCER USER. Go to the USER CONTROL PANEL, on the Upper left of the Board Index and click on it. Once on the User Control Panel, go to Usergroups second from the right in the Menu bar just below the words 'User Control Panel'. On 'Usergroups' Select 'Australian pProducer'. Then choose 'Join selected' and click on 'Submit'. So that I can immediately approve it, you may like to, at that time, advise me on our online form at /.

I trust you will have a long and profitable association with us.

-Kind regards,
Russell G H Mathews BCom BSc LLB BA

ex-Member of the Standing Committee of Convocation of


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